Private Instruction


Sign up for private instruction to fit your professional, social or educational needs in a live Zoom format.

Choose the time that fits your schedule for six one-hour classes.

After registering for the class, speak to the professor so that she can design a class just for you.


Take your English to a higher level with private tutoring:

  • One-on-one lessons can be arranged for individuals or for mini-groups that have specific schedules or needs.
  • Address any problems you have communicating in English in speaking or in writing.
  • Whether you need help in your professional life or for personal needs (applying to a university, giving a presentation, preparing for an interview, writing a paper), do it more effectively with private instruction.

Course Details

Classes taken one-on-one

Schedules arranged to fit your needs

60 minutes per session for six lessons

Tuition: $1,300 USD

How to Get Started

Step 1:

Use the form here... to learn more about the classes and to tell us about yourself.

Step 2:

Once your application is accepted, you can pay here....

Step 3:

The instructor will contact you with information on how to prepare for the first class.

Read what former students say:

Marta, Spain

I think of you whenever I write an email or a newsletter. Whenever I discuss elements of style with my colleagues, I tell them about you, an outstanding teacher and friend. You made me a better writer and a better person.

Amanda, Thailand

I told my father about how much I love being your student, how much I love learning from you, and how much I love listening to your thoughts. Then, he told me," Those are the reasons why I sent you to America.

El, Mauritania

What I love about taking courses with you is that you taught me to speak, think, and write like an American.

Carole, France

Classes with you are fun and addictive. Multicultural and thoughtful, each zoom meeting is enriching.

Alice, China

Without you, I wouldn’t have had the chance or ability to appreciate writings from Twain or Austen the way they deserve, let alone practice ways to write like them. Nor would it be possible for me to write like a professional writer and lead a content team.

Beau, China

Lively, interesting and fun! You opened up a whole new world for me.

Masahiro, Japan

I experienced the joy of collaboration, of adventure, of diversity, and of a new culture. It is life changing.

Johanna, Colombia

It is beautiful the way that you take your time and use your energy to understand each of us and try to adapt your teaching for each one. It’s beyond sweet. I think that’s teaching. That’s the way you make a difference being a teacher. I definitely want to join your classes again.

Dara, Iran

In praise of influential people. I’m still astounded by you, Priscilla. You made us reflect. You made us pay attention to details. You gave us courage to say what we think. This class and friendships would not have been like this without the openness that you created, in the way we talk, think and write clearly and effectively.

Stefania, Italy

Your class was great. I suddenly felt as if I had wasted the last four years without taking your classes. What I learned in this country is just because of you. Can't wait until tomorrow’s class.