Writing Effectively


This course is for international students and foreign-born professionals proficient in English who need to concentrate on writing and reading for personal or professional reasons.

Master your writing skills by reading the best writers and by writing every week.

Classes are live on Zoom from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. (EST) once a week for six sessions.


You learn to write clearly and powerfully by:

  • Reading the best writers
  • Writing every week
  • Improving your word choice
  • Understanding the audience and register
  • Being inspired by classmates' writing
  • Meeting one-on-one so that you can write more effectively

Course Details

6 lessons

8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. (EST), Fridays

7 - 10 students

Tuition: $650 USD

How to Get Started

Step 1:

Use the form here... to learn more about the classes and to tell us about yourself.

Step 2:

Once your application is accepted, you can pay here....

Step 3:

Then the instructor will contact you with information on how to prepare for the first class.

Read what former students say:

Els, the Netherlands

You were the first English teacher who was able to let me see the beauty of the English language. Each time I write, there is this little voice telling me to think about my angle, to incorporate balance, and to be concise. You opened my eyes with your teaching style.

Mattia, Italy

I have immense gratitude for you. Thanks, thanks, and thanks. You gave me much more than just notions of academic English: you made me fall in love with life - you inspired me to believe in myself.

Daniela, Venezuela

The readings you give motivate me to keep practicing my writing. I just love their simplicity. It's the kind of reading that moves one's heart and stimulates one's mind. Your class has been a gift. You can't imagine how you've helped me.

Aafaque, India

Besides learning so much from you about American culture and literature, I got a bonus: a friend for life.

Roman, Russia

I was praised for my writing style at Columbia University more than once. And I know whom I should thank - you. You are a great teacher! What makes my life easier is my writing: thanks to you I know how to impress and stun.

Yoko, Japan

After class, I facetimed my mom for an hour. She wondered why I was so energetic late in the evening. Yes, you charged me to full power. Whenever I talk with you, all my energy appears. You’ve taught us how to write, how to think and how to love.

Minju, Korea

It was the best choice I made this year to take your course. You motivated me to think deeply and view the world in diverse perspectives. Thank you for your thought-provoking lessons. Thanks to you, I could meet many great writers. Thanks to you, I learned how to question myself. You are an inspiration.

Vanessa, Spain

You showed me the way to wonder, to question and to think - and to to consider and welcome challenging ideas. You cleaned my ears, for better listening and polished my hands, for better writing.

Marjin, the Netherlands

As a class we have been lucky to be part of the Priscilla Karant Experience; PKE. All of us have learned about enthusiasm and joy. Priscilla, you are an inspiring woman.

Benedetta, Italy

Meeting you, the best professor and mentor I have ever had, has completely changed my life.